Issue #2 PDF

Issue #2 PDF

A downloadable version of zine issue #2 :)


It's the perfect way to save the trees and still be able to enjoy the fan-flipping-tastic collection of art and articles in "Your Life is Not a Competition" 


“YOUR LIFE IS NOT A COMPETITION” addresses & dismantles competitive thinking. This magazine is a self help tool, teaching ways to combat the human urge to compare oursleves with one another. 


Jealousy stems from feelings of inadequacy. Whenever we don’t feel we are ‘enough’ we subconsciously seek confirmation of our own insecurities- comparing ourselves to others, and falling short. Comparison gives us permission to judge ourselves BUT the good news is that we can cut all the bullsh*t off at the source. HOW ? By cultivating confidence in our decision making & seeing our peers as a collaborative community that need support and love too. 💖


This is a beautiful collaboration with artists, photgraphers and writers from all over the world!! As well as interviews and personal easys from rapper Juniordiaz, painters Jeanette Mundt and Ned Vena, and life coach Hallie Avolio! 


Cover art designed by Hannah Tebbe


Issue released February 2020