"Isolated Thought" is the 3rd installment of Okay Cool Magazine- a mindful magazine made by creatives for creatives.


This is a collection of art made in response to COVID-19 and the current fight for racial equity, featuring: 

  • bad a$$ creative advice and motivation 
  • poetry, paintings, drawings, photography 
  • personal essays written by tattoo artist Dorothee Thomson @wildbonesillustrations, writer and yogi Stephanie Spence @stephanieyogini, teacher Christina Simons, tarot reader A-D @thewiiikedwitchofthewest, Patchwork Theater founder Kian Kline @kian.k.c AND MANY MORE


“Creation is the ultimate expression of critique.” - Alok V Menon 💖⚡️ 


100% of proceeds made from "Isolated Thought" will be donated to Black Visions Collective



Cover Art by Sydney Strickland @horrorible 


release date: June 22, 2020