A digital version of zine issue #4 :)💖


This downloadble PDF is the perfect way to save the trees and still be able to enjoy the freakn amazing 4th edition of okay cool magazine 


“THE ORIGIN OF OUR IDEAS” is a collection of art and an exploration of the creative process


This magazine is a reminder that as artists, we are conduits-

we are constantly at the mercy of our ideas. 


Ideas are intangible invitations, seductive and suggestive

Ideas are emotive observations, analytical breakthroughs. 

Ideas are puzzle pieces, clues, gifts. 

Ideas are our life force. 

An idea, like everything, is only ever a thought. 


“People don't have ideas. Ideas have people.” -Carl Jung 


This magazine is filled with paintings, drawings, photograpghy, poetry and personal essays about the ORIGIN of our ideas 


Thank you to the 89 bad ass artists who contributed their work and made this issue possible 💖




Cover Art by Victoria Ramirez @la.vict.o.ry @iamlovehug


Issue Released February 1, 2021