Okay Cool Magazine is a mindfulness magazine, dedicated being a resource to those on a creative career path. Each issue is filled with art & articles addressing a different aspect of mental health- 

Okay Cool Magazine is a self help tool

created by artists for artists.

Pursuing an unorthodox, unique line of work AIN'T EASY. Choosing yourself, investing in your abilities and rebelling against what's expected of you AIN'T F*CKING EASY... soooo to make the journey a more enjoyable one, OKAY COOL MAGAZINE is here to help:) 

Each zine issue:

  • tackles a different facet of mental health

  • features work by artists from all over the world

  • filled with interviews & words of wisdom spoken by people who are living their dreams

OKAY COOL MAGAZINE is an absolute labor of love, with every issue we hope to expand the dialogue around creative's mental wellbeing and dismantle potential road blocks. We also create free open art calls- opening up submissions to anyone and everyone wanting to contribute to upcoming zine issues. 


If you're interested in getting involved, hit us up!

AND if you're interested in buying a magazine, we have 3 (amazing) issues available for purchase!!:)



kitty knorr

OKCM Editor-in-Chief